International bilateral cooperation in the field of institutional accreditation at The Defense Institution Building School (DIBS), Georgia

Between 26 - 29.11.2018 Lieutenant Colonel Florescu Denis-Nicolae participated in the "Ongoing cooperation on accreditation related issues" at the Defense Institution Building School (DIBS), Georgia

The purpose of the activity was to provide the necessary support and assistance for DIBS accreditation as a NATO Training and Education Center (NATO PTEC).

The activity covered the following topics:

  • concrete ways of accrediting an education and training entity as NATO PTEC under the "Concept for Partnership Training and Education Centres" and NATO HQ SACT, JFT / JETE-ETEE Plans & Policy Branch;
  • NATO accreditation modalities:
    • institutional: for training and education entities;
    • for educational programs/courses;
  • discussions on the issues mentioned above.