Quality Assurance Workshop
for the Continuing Training Centre to the Moldovan Military Academy (MMA) in DEEP Program

Between 09 - 13.10.2017 DRESMARA Director Colonel Professor PhD GROSARU Florin-Eduard participated in a Seminar within the Military Education Program (DEEP) - Quality Assurance Workshop for the Continental Training Center to the Moldovan Military Academy (MMA), organized by NATO International Secretariat (IS) at the Military Academy of the Armed Forces "Alexandru cel Bun", Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

The activity has a major contribution to the implementation of the action plans decided at the level of the Political and Partnership Committee (PPC) for the development of Military Education Institutions in the NATO partner countries that have requested assistance in this area.

By sharing the common desire to cooperate in several academic fields, from exchanges of expertise, knowledge and scientific research to education and training, the two institutions will sign an Academic Cooperation Agreement.