Field trips

The participants in the „Postgraduate Defense Resources Management Course for Senior Officials”, ACT 678.13., and „Information Security Management Postgraduate Course”, ACT 675.14., military and civilian personnel from NATO partner states and Romania - Ministry of National Defence and Ministry of Internal Affairs, accompanied by DRESMARA teachers, carried out documentary visits in Garrisons of Bucharest and Constanta between 23 and 26 Mai, 2023, as follows:

  • "Postgraduate Defense Resources Management Course for Senior Officials"
    • on 23 Mai
      • at the Armament General Directorate/ ROMTEHNICA Joint Stock National Company where there were presented with aspects of current issues of major endowment programs and their management;
    • on 24 Mai
      • at the Integrated Defense Planning Directorate where aspects were presented regarding strategic planning, the NATO defense planning system and the implications of current security challenges on the management of defense resources.
    • on 25 Mai
      • at ”Captain Alexandru Cătuneanu” Maritime Hydrographic Directorate where they were presented with aspects related to the management of the national marine hydrographic data system and of the fund of data and information regarding cartography, marine geodesy and maritime navigation activities;
      • at "Mircea cel Batran" Naval Academy where the institution, the mission and the objectives assumed in the plan of training-education and scientific research were presented.
    • on 26 Mai
      • at ”Rear-Admiral Horia Macellariu” 56th Frigate Flotilla where they were presented with aspects of logistical management during the planning and carrying out of naval operations within collective defense missions or peace support operations, within NATO or under EU mandate.
        The visit of the frigate "King Ferdinand" - flagship of the Romanian Navy represented a very special moment of the entire activity.
  • "Information Security Management Postgraduate Course"
    • on 25 May
      • at the Directorate of Communications and Information Technology where they were presented with aspects of security and cyber defense measures, capabilities for the mission execution environment and multidomain operations;
      • at the National Directorate of Cyber Security, where the role of competent authority at national level for the security of networks and IT systems that ensure the provision of essential services or provide digital services, as well as aspects related to standards and regulations in the field of cyber security at national level, were presented
    • on 26 May
      • at the Cyberint National Center within the Romanian Information Service where the institution's role in the national cyber defense system, its involvement in educational activities and specific software tools were presented;
      • at the Special Telecommunications Service were communications and information technology secured services, developing and managing communications networks and information systems based on interoperability, standardization and security principles were presented.