„PTEC Train the Trainer” Programme

Between 21 and 28 April 2023, COL eng. Cezar VASILESCU, professor, PhD, the director of the Postgraduate School of Studies and COL Denis-Nicolae FLORESCU, head of the education organization, secretariat, PR and international relations Office attended the "PTEC Train the Trainer" Programme organized by the NATO School/Oberammergau, Germany and offered to the NATO Partnership Training and Education Centres community (NATO PTEC).

The activity consisted of specific actions for the planning, implementation and analysis of the NATO Systems Approach to Training (SAT) S7-136-B-23 - ACT.539 course by supporting the activities of the course director and teaching staff throughout the course period as well as assisting the administrative staff in the preparation of the classroom for classes.

DRESMARA, as a member of the NATO PTEC community, is constantly concerned with maintaining the North Atlantic Alliance's high standards through the permanent training of personnel and implementation of the latest knowledge and practice in the field of education and individual training made available to NATO and partner countries.