Romania and NATO

On March 29, 2004, Romania officially joined NATO by depositing its instruments of ratification with the US State Department in Washington DC, the depositary state of the North Atlantic Treaty. The deposit of the instruments of ratification was followed, on April 2, 2004, by the ceremony of the official hoisting of the Romanian flag at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. As a result, starting with 2005, "NATO Day in Romania" is celebrated on the first Sunday of April under Law no. 390 of September 28, 2004 for the establishment of NATO Day in Romania.

NATO membership is a fundamental dimension of Romania's foreign policy. The North Atlantic Alliance is the main guarantor of Romania's security, the transatlantic relationship representing the strategic link that gives coherence and consistency to NATO's actions.

In this regard, DRESMARA, NATO Partnership Training and Education Centre since 2007, awarded by the Joint Force Development/Allied Command Transformation (JFD/ACT) with the NATO Quality Assurance Certificate - NATO "UNCONDITIONAL ACCREDITATION", in 2015 and 2022, is part of the Romania's efforts within the Alliance by making a significant contribution to the individual education and training field and the development of NATO disciplines, as well as by supporting NATO partner states in implementing NATO education and training requirements and standards.

DRESMARA conducts postgraduate courses certified, since 2017, at the highest level of the North Atlantic Alliance - "NATO APPROVED" - by JFD/ACT, aligned to the NATO disciplines Building Integrity and Cyberspace Operations (COURSES ORGANIZED BY DRESMARA).

More than 3200 students from the Ministry of National Defense and other ministries / structures in the National Defence, Public Order and National Security System, as well as over 600 foreign students from 14 NATO member countries and 24 partner states from the Partnership for Peace, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative and Partners across the Globe graduated from the postgraduate educational programs conducted in the over 22 years of existence of DRESMARA.

DRESMARA has directly supported and continues to support NATO Partnership countries in the field of training and education within the NATO Defense Education Enhancement Program, through its own commitments or through the PfP Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes, as follows: the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan , the Republic of Albania, the Republic of Armenia, Georgia, the Republic of Iraq, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, the slamic Republic of Mauritania, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of North Macedonia (before joining NATO).

DRESMARA experts participate in NATO GLOBAL PROGRAMMING, for the development of NATO disciplines Building Integrity and Cyberspace Operations.

DRESMARA contributes to the efforts of the NATO Partnership Training and Education Centers community in the field of individual education and training, and experts from the institution participate in NATO GLOBAL PROGRAMMING, for the development of NATO disciplines Building Integrity and Cyberspace operations.