Field trip

Participants in the "Information Security Management Postgraduate Course" - ACT 675.12., accompanied by teaching staff from DRESMARA, carried out a field trip to the Communications and Information Technology Directorate from Defense Staff and the Palace of the Parliament, on June 02 and to the National Cyberint Center within Romanian Intelligence Service, on June 03.

During the activities were presented:

  • current issues in the area of responsibility of the Directorate of Communications and Information Technology on "Security and Cyber Defense Measures", "Capabilities for the mission execution environment" and "Multidomain operations";
  • relevant aspects regarding the activity of the Cyberint National Center, its role in the national cyber defense system, the involvement of the center in educational activities and specific software tools.

The DRESMARA teachers and the Romanian and foreign students noticed the professionalism of the personnel involved in carrying out the activities.