On Friday, 25th September, 2020, the Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies (DRESMARA) - Braşov, celebrated 20 years of activity.

During the festivity, the DRESMARA`s director presented the Order of the Chief of Defense Staff no. SMAp-88 / 17.09.2020 issued on this occasion and handed out honorary military distinctions to the staff.

DRESMARA thanks all the collaborators for their thoughts and wishes sent!

On 25.09.2000, based on the Decision of the Romanian Government no. 466 of 10.06.1999, by which it was decided the establishment of the Regional Center for Defense Resources Management (CRMRA), and the Order of the Minister of National Defense no. M.20 of 23.02.2000, the official inauguration of the Regional Center of Defense Resources Management took place, this date being certified by the Romanian National Military Archives.

In 2005, based on the Decision of the Romanian Government no. 969 of 25.08.2005, the CRMRA passed from the subordination of the Secretary of State for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Defense Policy to the direct subordination of ”Carol I” National Defense University.

On May 3, 2006, the Romanian government issued Decision no. 583 regarding the change of the name of the Regional Center for Defense Resources Management in the Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies (DRESMARA).

Since 2007, DRESMARA has been part of the North Atlantic Alliance's education and training system as a NATO Partnership Education and Training Center (NATO PTEC), based on the EAPC / PfP (PMSC) R (2007) 0010/2007 accreditation of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, being one of the 33 NATO PTECs existing all over the world.

As a result of the institutional accreditation process conducted by the Joint Force Trainer / Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (JFT / HQ SACT), DRESMARA has obtained on 18.12.2015 the Certificate of Quality Assurance in NATO - NATO "UNCONDITIONAL ACCREDITATION", valid for 6 years, for the high quality contribution made in the field of individual education and training.

Since 2017, DRESMARA has been an associate member of the Romanian Academy of Scientists.

Over the past 20 years, DRESMARA has contributed to the training of over 2,500 students in 159 iterations/promotions of postgraduate courses, of which 433 are foreigners from 35 countries, as follows:

  • 54 from 12 NATO member states
  • 184 from 9 partner states – Partnership for Peace (PfP)
  • 105 from 6 partner states – Mediterranean Dialogue (MD)
  • 38 from 4 partner states – Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI)
  • 52 from 4 partner states – Partners across the Globe (PatG)

In the same time, more than 200 students obtained the master's degree after the graduation of the master's degree program "Organization resources management", which has been running since 2011.

We are continuously improving to be recognized nationally and internationally for the EXCELLENCE of education and the training of thinking skills on integrative-adaptive and creative-intuitive models, realized through educational programs dedicated to current and future, military and civilian leaders with role in the implementation of the National Strategy of Security, and able to cope with the rapid changes of the current security environment.