National Anthem Day

Romania's National Anthem Day - proclaimed by Law no. 99 of May 26, 1998, is celebrated annually on July 29.

The national anthem along with to the flag, the National Day, the coat of arms and the seal of the state, represent what we call the national symbols as per Art. 12 of the Romanian Constitution.

„Deşteaptă-te române!” (meaning "Wake up Romanian!) is the official anthem of Romania. Law no. 75 of July 16, 1994 stipulates special regulations regarding the hoisting of the Romanian flag, the singing of the national anthem and the use of seals with the Romanian Coat of Arms.

The lyrics of the anthem belong to Andrei Mureşanu (1816-1863), a Romantic poet, journalist and translator, marked by the 1848 revolutionary trend. The poet wrote and published during the revolution of 1848 the poem „A Resound” which would later become an anthem under the title „Deşteaptă-te române!”.

The music, solemn and energetic, was composed by Anton Pann (1796-1854), a poet and ethnographer, singer, and the author of music textbooks.

As of 1848, „Deşteaptă-te române!” was a song very dear to the Romanians due to its message of patriotism and freedom. It was sung on the occasion of every conflict in Romania, instilling courage in the crucial moments of history, such as the War of Independence (1877 - 1878), the First and Second World Wars.

On the day of the anti-comunist revolt in Brașov, on November 15, 1987, the workers from the Truck Factory started to sing this song, many of them not knowing the lyrics. However, the song continued uninterrupted.

During the Romanian Revolution of December 1989, the anthem took to the streets, accompanying the huge masses of people, dispelling the fear of death and uniting the entire people in the noble sentiments of the moment. Thus, its establishment as a national anthem came naturally, imposing itself generally, without hesitation, under the formidable pressure of the demonstrators.