16 years after Romania's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

- Together we are stronger -

On Sunday, April 5, the Regional Department of Defense Resource Management Studies (DRESMARA) celebrated 16 years since the Romania’s accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. That was a moment of special significance when our country fulfilled an objective firmly supported at the level of the whole society. Celebrated on the first Sunday of April each year according to national legislation, Romania’s invitation at the table of the septuagenarian Euro-Atlantic family became a reality on March 29, 2004. This event was marked by the depositing the instruments of ratification with the US State Department in Washington DC (the depositary of the North Atlantic Treaty) and the Romanian flag raising ceremony held at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels on April 2, 2004.

Romania's membership in NATO meant not only a complex process of modernizing the whole society, but also participating in the joint defense effort of a community sharing common values and principles, rights and responsibilities. During its 16 years membership, Romania has proven to be a reliable ally, fulfilling its commitments and actively contributing to all the Alliance's efforts.

The effort of the Romanian military represents an essential milestone in the Euro-Atlantic becoming of Romania.

In this context, DRESMARA, a postgraduate education institution and member of the education and training system of the North Atlantic Alliance as a NATO Partnership Training and Education Center (NATO PTEC) ), has had a significant contribution. In this respect DRESMARA provided academic programs, postgraduate training and continuous professional development and specialization courses to improve military and civilian personnel’s training, from Romania and NATO member states and partners (164 iterations, over 2600 graduates, from which 433 foreigners from 35 countries), and has also actively participated in various NATO programs, in cooperation with other structures / institutions from allied and partner countries.