In the context of increasing the risk of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and taking the necessary measures to prevent, limit and combat infection with it at national and international level, based on national and specific regulations of the Ministry of National Defense regarding the management of the epidemiological situation, DRESMARA has taken the following decisions:

  • The suspension until March 31 of the master's degree programs, series 2019-2021 and series 2018-2020;
  • Cessation of the "Management of Defense Resources for Experts Postgraduate Course" - ACT.715.4, starting with 12.03.2020 at 14.00;
  • Suspension of the work program with the public (audience, requests, petitions, notices) and introduction of alternative measures: landline phone (+40 268 184000),
    fax (+40 268 184002) and e-mail (

DRESMARA continues its current operations in the following days, remaining vigilant and exercising preventive measures to ensure the safety of its personnel.

DRESMARA apologizes for the inconveniences and discomfort created being also sure that it is understood the obligation to focus, first and foremost, on the health and safety of the local community, which includes its own staff, "Henri Coandă" Air Force Academy and the city of Brasov.

At the same time, DRESMARA will communicate all the measures that will be taken according to the evolution of the situation and the received orders and regulations.