”Cyberspace Operations” NATO discipline Training Needs Analysis Working Group (Cop TNA WG)

COL eng. Cezar VASILESCU, professor, Ph.D., attended the Training Needs Analysis Working Group in the field of the "Cyberspace Operations" NATO discipline, held at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, between 27 and 31 January 2020.

The working group brought together experts from various NATO Command Structures, NATO education and training institutions, national educational institutions, cyber centers and other partner institutions to discuss the current requirements and needs for cyber training and education in NATO.

The main goal of the activity was to analyze the degree of correlation between the requirements of the discipline "Cyberspace Operations", provided in the Strategic Training Plan approved by the North Atlantic Council, and the educational offer of NATO education and training institutions. Also, were presented the education and training solutions that respond to the training needs of NATO and partner countries, the performance objectives they must meet, the training directions related to the "Cyberspace Operations" discipline. At the same time, courses that meet NATO requirements have been selected and validated, which are divided into two categories: mandatory and recommended.