Workshop on ”Building Integrity” Education and Training Discipline

18 - 19 January 2018 – NATO HQ, Brussels, BELGIUM

COL eng. Cezar VASILESCU, professor, PhD, participated in the Workshop on ”Building Integrity” (BI) Education and Training Discipline, hosted from January 18 to 19, 2018, by NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium.

The activity organized by Political Affairs and Security Policy Division/NATO International Staff was attended by representatives of the NATO Command Structures (NATO IS, SHAPE), the United Nations Organization (Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer Corruption and Economic Crime Branch United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime/UNODC) and NATO accredited training and education entities (PTECs from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia* and Sweden, COE Defense Against Terrorism/Turkey, Center for Integrity in the Defense Sector / CIDS), as well as civilian specialists from other institutions (Transnational Crime and Corruption Center - George Mason University/USA, University of South Wales, Canberra, and Australian Defence Force Academy).

During the workshop, the following issues were presented, discussed and analyzed:
  • implementation of BI Policy;
  • updates on the Alignment Discipline Conference and on NATO BI Education and Training activities, as well as SHAPE update;
  • mapping BI Education and Training resources, tools and mechanisms;
  • developing of BI tools and resources for Training the Trainers.