“Cyber Security - Lecture and Curricula Review”, within the Defense Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP),

2 – 5 April, 2018, National Defense Academy, Gori, GEORGIA

Between 02 - 05 April 2018, COL eng. Cezar VASILESCU, professor PhD, participated in the “Cyber Security - Lecture and Curricula Review” activity, hosted by the National Defense Academy (NDA) from Gori, GEORGIA.

The activity was organized within the Defense Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) by the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division/NATO International Staff and had a major contribution in the implementation process of the action plans decided by the Partnerships and Policy Comittee for the development of NATO Partner countries’ military educational institutions which requested assistance on the cyber defense domain.

The activity enabled experience exchange with the NDA educational staff and contained a working meeting with the GEO course instructor for the improvement of the existing curricula of the “Cyber Security” course, within the Bachelor Academic programs of Informatics, and Defense and Security, respectively.

During the activity, the Romanian expert had a working meeting with the NDA Rector COL Zaza JAPARIDZE, Rector of NDA and Mrs. Nino JOJUA, vice-rector of NDA, delivered a lecture on “Specific aspects of Cyber Security” to the junkers and attended a class held by Mr. David GULUA, focused on the educational methods of interaction between teacher and students.