February 23 – 24, 2018, Jakarta, INDONESIA

Assistant Professor Vlad-Ionuţ DUMITRACHE, PhD, from the Management Department / DRESMARA participated as a keynote speaker at the International Conference on Applied Business and Economics (ICABE 2018), presenting the subject of Global Liberal Trade versus Modern Protectionism. The case of South-Eastern Europe and moderating the discussions on this issue.

This year's scientific event, organized by the Borobudur University in Jakarta, Indonesia, was attended by specialists from economic and financial institutions, academics and students from prestigious universities form Europe and Asia.

At the conference, which celebrated its 14th anniversary since its launch in the global academic community and which had as its main theme structural and financial deficiencies in the EU AESEAN: evolving strategies, the following topics were addressed:

Accounting, Behavioral, Health & Experimental Economics, Business & Economics Education, Business Ethics, Business Law/ Law & Economics, Business Statistics / Econometrics, Economic Growth & Development, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Business / Economics, Family Business, Finance & International Finance, Game Theory, Government Finance, Government Regulation, Industrial Organization, International Trade / Business / Economics, Labor Economics / Human Resources, Macroeconomics, Management Science, Marketing, Microeconomics, Monetary Economics, Public Choice, Quantitative Methods, Urban, Rural & Regional Economics