Florin Eduard GROSARU
Florin-Eduard GROSARU was born in 1970 in Buzău County, where he also attended primary and secondary school. In 1985 he began his military career with his admission to the “Dimitrie Cantemir” National Military High School, Breaza.

He is not married and has a son.

     In 1992 he graduated from the “Avram Iancu” Military Institute of Radiolocation, Brasov, and obtained the officer’s license, specialized in radiolocation and took a number of individual training courses. As a result of his perseverance and will to grow professionally, in 2000 he obtained his BSc in law from the Faculty of Law, “J.C. Drăgan” European University, Brașov, and in 2003 he took his MA degree in communication and public relations from the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest. His dedication to continuous study, research and professional and personal improvement resulted in 2013 in a PhD degree in Military Science and Intelligence granted by “Carol I” National Defense University. His doctoral thesis was titled: “The National Security of Romania in the Context of Perpetuated Frozen Conflicts in South-Eastern Europe”. As part of his complex educational and professional development background he attended numerous excellence programs, postgraduate and skill enhancement courses organized by prestigious establishments like “Carol I” National Defense University, Canadian Forces Languages School, National Defense College, Transylvania University, Brașov.

Professionally, Colonel Florin-Eduard GROSARU has been working for more than two decades in various military institutions, occupying a number of hierarchical positions in fields such as radiolocation, logistics, human resources, public relations, defense intelligence and graduate and postgraduate education. As of 2010 he has been acting as Director of the Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies, a NATO Partnership and Education Center subordinated to “Carol I” National Defense University.
      During his career he has shown a special involvement in the educational field, especially in Euro-Atlantic oriented military education and, as a result of his current position, he has been continuously in touch with trends in national, EU and NATO education. Consequently, he has acquired expertise that is valuable both to the establishment that he accountably manages, and to Romania.

He began his academic activity in 2002 in the civil academic environment. His gained expertise facilitated his ascension as a lecturer in 2011, as an associate professor in 2015 and as a professor in 2017.

Fields of expertise: defense resources management, nationally and internationally funded projects, management theory and practice, performance management, organization theory, strategic management, public-private management, labor law, constitutional law.

His scientific contribution is supported by his academic activity. As of 2011 he has conducted research and coordinated 5 projects whose deliverables consisted in articles published in the volumes of scientific events acknowledged for the field of military sciences and intelligence.
     So far he has written and published more than thirty specialized books, articles, scientific communications. As of 2010 he has also moderated or acted as a key note speaker in international and national scientific events and he is member of the scientific boards of international and national scientific conferences with international participation like: Defense Resources Management in the 21st Century, and Knowledge Based Organization. He is also a member of the scientific committees of Journal of Defense Resources Management, acknowledged as pertaining to the military sciences and intelligence field and listed in 11 international databases, Revista de Științe Militare (Romanian for Journal of Military Sciences) and Annals-Series on Military Science of the Military Sciences Section of The Academy of Romanian Scientists.

Membership: Associated member of The Academy of Romanian Scientists as of 2015.

Awards and commendations:
  • 2015 "Military Science" Commendation, grade I
  • 2015 Commendation for Service in the Romanian Armed Forces, grade II
  • 2015 Honorary Emblem of General Staff
  • 2015 Honorary Emblem of Navy Forces
  • 2015 Honorary Emblem of Land Forces
  • 2013 Honorary Emblem of Air Forces
  • 2012 Honorific insignia “Homeland service for officers – XX”
  • 2007 Honorific insignia “Homeland service for officers – XV”