Establishment of Association

To raise the scientific profile and visibility of the Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies Brasov, nationally and internationally, was established the Association "DRESMARA’s FRIENDS". This association is a non-governmental, non-profit, apolitical, independent, and public benefit organization.

"DRESMARA’s Friends" Association is a Romanian legal entity of private law established by the Brasov Court’s decision no. 3062 of 12.05.2012.

The association is made up of DRESMARA’s active and retired members, alumni of the educational programs organized by DRESMARA and experts with an interest in asserting and defending academic values and rights.

Main goals:

  • increase the image of the Regional Department of Defense Resources Management Studies;
  • support interdisciplinary research in Defense Resources Management and Information Resources Management through the efforts of its members;
  • develop the association’s own programs and forge partnerships with public authorities and/or other public or private organizations in the country and abroad;
  • promote and support DRESMARA’s “Journal of Defense Resources Management”;
  • promote military interculturality by upholding the cultural values characteristic of the Romanian military field and of other countries’ armed forces;
  • organize, in accordance with legal prerequisites, public rallies and other awareness raising activities in connection with DRESMARA’s scientific activity.