Education Quality Assurance Worksop – DEEP Afghanistan

Between 03 and 05 November, 2020, the Regional Department of Defence Resources Management Studies coordinated and participated in the Education Quality Assurance Workshop for training Afghan teaching staff from defence education - assistance and support through Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) as part of the NATO - Afghanistan Enduring Partnership

The activity, organized online on the NATO portal DEEP BBB (Big Blue Button) by the Defence Institution and Capacity Building / Operations Division / NATO International Staff (NATO IS) was attended by the following:

  • DEEP Afghanistan Academic co-lead COL (ret.) Stan ANTON, visiting professor at "Carol I" National Defence University;
  • experts: COL eng. Cezar VASILESCU, professor, PhD and COL. FLORESCU/DRESMARA, COL Klára Viola SIPOSNÉ KECSKEMÉTHY, professor, PhD/ National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary, LTC Nikolay Ventsislavov NEDYALKOV/“GS Rakovski” National Defence College, Sofia, Bulgaria;
  • interpreters from NATO Interpretation and Conference Services / NATO IS;
  • officers from command structures and military teaching staff from "Marshal Fahim" National Defence University/Afghanistan.