Field trip

The participants in the „Information Security Management Postgraduate Course”, ACT 675.7. – military and civilian personnel from Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Republic of Georgia, Kingdom of Morocco, Republic of North Macedonia, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and Romania / Romanian Intelligence Service, accompanied by Antonoaie Cristina-Dana, lecturer, PhD/DRESMARA, carried out a documentary visit to Bucharest garrison from 16 and 17 January, 2020.

The study trip has been organized in order to visit two prestigious key - institutions in the field of the cyber defence, as follows:

  • The Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CERT.RO), on 16.01;
  • Cyberint National Center / Romanian Intelligence Service - national cyber intelligence authority - on 17.01.

During the activity were presented aspects regarding the management of the information resources as well as the knowledge, prevention and counteraction of the vulnerabilities, risks and threats to the cyber security of Romania.

After the end of the activities, on the afternoon of Friday, 17.01, a visit to the Parliament Palace was organized.