The highest level of certification – NATO APPROVED - for the 6th course


On 26 January 2017, DRESMARA has received the highest level of accreditation - “NATO APPROVED” – for Postgraduate Defense Resources Management Course for Experts from the NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Norfolk, Virginia, SUA / Education and Individual Training Branch.

DRESMARA offers 6 courses with the higher level of accreditation - NATO APPROVED:

  1. Postgraduate Defense Resources Management Course for Senior Officials;
  2. Postgraduate Information Resources Management Course for Senior Officials (CIO);
  3. Postgraduate Defense Resources Management Course for Experts;
  4. Planning, Programming and Budgeting of Defense Resources Postgraduate Course;
  5. Program and Project Management Postgraduate Course;
  6. Information Security Management Postgraduate Course.

The accreditation of DRESMARA’s courses as “NATO APPROVED” represents a recognition on behalf of NATO that DRESAMARA’s educational programs measure up to the following standards:

  • The courses meet NATO’s needs to train its personnel in the specific fields of each of the educational programs;
  • The aims and scientific contents of the courses are aligned to the general and specific requirements of NATO missions;
  • All quality standards established through „NATO Directive Bi-SC D 75-7 – Education and Individual Training” are met.
  • All of the aforementioned courses will be included in the Education and Training Opportunities Catalogue.